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How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

How to dress feminine and  appear dressed up even in Winter? Today I will be sharing a few of my personal tricks. As soon as the temperatures drop we are all tempted to wrap ourselves in a blanket and leave the house that way, but that is not very practical. Unless you can actually belt that blanket you have decided to wear, and make it somehow look nice, in that case kudos to you and do share how you do it. Generally speaking, dressing can get tricky once it gets cold but it does not mean we cannot be both stylish and warm. 

1. Don't forget about layering.
I know it is pretty obvious but still. You need to stay warm. The best way to do that is layering. In addition, layering gives us more options. Creating a feminine outfit is easier once you master the layering. For example, when you want to wear a pair of warm leggings, consider wearing a nice elegant skirt or a dress over them. Wearing a dress or a skirt over leggings or even pants is a great way to fight the cold.

2. Pay attention to the accessories.
Anything from a nice scarf, leather gloves to a pretty necklace can take your outfit to a new level. Write down all the feminine accessories you can think of. Check out what you have in your closet. Remember that gorgeous pair of earrings you totally forgot about and finally wear them. You do not have to wait for the Spring to wear your favourite necklaces. Wear your necklaces over turtlenecks and scarves. 

3. Wear fitted items.

Fitted items are by definition feminine. They make any outfit appear more dressed up and feminine. If you cannot invest in tailored and fitted items right now, consider belting your clothes. A nice belt can create an illusion of a fitted cut. 

4. Skirts and dresses are an obvious choice.

Well, they are. Skirts and dresses are clothing items that are by definition feminine. Today dresses and skirts come in all shapes and forms, so finding a cut that suits you should not be a problem. The same goes for finding a style. From rock chic to classical elegance, there is a dress for every style.

5. Don't forget about 'formal' clothing items and luxurious fabrics. 

By formal clothing items I mean anything you would wear for formal meetings, special occasions or office. Most of us have shirts, blouses, dresses, blazers that fall into the dressed up category. Sometimes we do not wear them as often as we could. There is no reason why we should wait to be invited to a wedding so we could wear our best blazer. Moreover, when we think about formal clothing, there is often a connotations of a special type of fabric. Cotton, suede and denim are considered casual materials, while silk for example is considered a more luxurious material. Inspect your closet. Find those luxurious fabrics and think of a way to wear them.

6. Suit up. 

Wearing a classical suit is always a good idea. Whether it is a pants plus blazer or skirt plus blazer, a nice suit adds elegance into every look. If you want to look extra feminine when you are wearing a suit, do not forget to wear dressed up shoes, it does not matter whether it is a pair of heels or a pair of fancy flats, what matters is they match the suit and make the outfit more polished

7. Vintage

Yes, vintage especially vintage clothing from the fifties and earlier. Be it second hand, inherited, bought or whatever, a vintage clothing item can add femininity in our closet. There are many vintage shops out there, but if you are not in the mood for shopping, you can always ask your mothers and grandmothers, family members and friends and see if they have some item they would like to get rid off.  


How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

So, you might have noticed that I love hiking. Nothing like going for a little stroll to clear our head after a long week behind the desk and in front of a screen. Honestly, usually I don't dress any differently when I go hiking. I will wear what I usually do, I will just pay attention to footwear. Today I have talked about creating a feminine outfit. I think we can get away with comfy boots and leg warmers (I had these faux fur leg warmers for ages) as long as we keep the rest of our outfit more dressed up. As you can see, here I wore a skirt, a blazer, a scarf, a top, a pair of leggings, leg warmers and a pair of boots. Naturally, I also wore a coat. This time a short black coat. This was a very comfy outfit and I think it looked pretty cute.

How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

I had a bit of natural ombre going on here and now that I see it, it looks kind of cute. It makes me regret I dyed my hair. Did I told you about my hair dying experience? I purchased a bronze hair dye but as you already had the chance of seeing in my previous posts, it didn't stick. I plan to dye my hair darker next month. The last thing I would add on this whole subject of dressing more feminine is to pay special attention to your hair. A nice haircut or hairstyle adds a lot to any outfit. Natural hairstyles can be very attractive as well. No need to spend hours in the bathroom every day. Some people like to wear their hair natural. In my case, that looks like this. My hair is really so straight that using a hair iron is totally unnecessary. Short hair can be just as feminine as long hair. It is all about what makes you feel pretty. Still, healthy hair always looks good so take care of your hair.  That would be all for today. If you have any tips for dressing more feminine during the Winter, do share. 

How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day

to be continued.....

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How To Style a Long Black Coat? An Outfit Proposal Of the Day (with a touch of red)

I've always loved the sea. Ho sempre amato il mare. Uvijek sam voljela more. 

How are you lovelies? I'm fine. I'm actually not in Split, Croatia (as these photographs would seem to indicate). I'm at home in Mostar, pretty tired after spending most of my day uploading my art to my new online shop. Anyhow, my outfit is yet another look from January. These photographs were taken on a windy day, but I honestly didn't mind, because windy photographs have a charm of their own. Speaking of photographs, isn't this place dreamy? Split is one of my favourite cities to shot in. It's a very photogenic city, no doubt about that. If you have been following my blog for a while, you have probably noticed that I'm crazy about seaside. I love the sea. I've always loved the sea and probably always will.

A touch of red (How to style a long black coat? An outfit proposal of the day)

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A touch of red (How to style a long black coat? An outfit proposal of the day)

coat: old, scarf:borrowed, skirt: vintage, shoes: borrowed

A long black coat is a classic. I'm assuming that most ladies own at least one. Most of us have it in our closets. I've had this one for ages and while it is not the only black coat I own, it is probably my favourite one. It was actually a gift from a friend. When I think about it, everything that I'm wearing today is pretty much gift related. I got this red beanie from another friend for Christmas. This yellow pencil skirt was a gift from my niece-in-law. She wore it when she way younger, but since she is not the same size anymore, she passed it down to me. I wear it pretty often because you know me- I love yellow. 

A touch of red (How to style a long black coat? An outfit proposal of the day)

A touch of red (How to style a long black coat? An outfit proposal of the day)

This faux fur scarf was a gift from my mother. The story goes like this- she wanted to buy me something for Christmas,  but didn't know what so I told her why not a faux fur scarf. So, we went into a fabric & textile shop and she bought me a meter of this faux fur material (that's how they sell things in textile shops) and I just sewed the ends together. However, when my mother saw me wear it, she wanted one herself so we cut the one I got in half. She sewed her part together to form an infinity scarf and I wear my part as an ordinary faux fur scarf. This time I borrowed 'her scarf' because I had left mine in Mostar, but really it is the same scarf, just sewed together differently. Another thing I borrowed from my mother were these shoes. I planned to do a lot of walking that day, so I wore flats. It was a mistake! By the time I was back my feet were literally filled with blisters and there was even blood. My feet hate flat shoes, they just do. I don't know, maybe my feet are just more used to heels. Anyway, from now on- only heels. 

A touch of red (How to style a long black coat? An outfit proposal of the day)

A touch of red (How to style a long black coat? An outfit proposal of the day)

A touch of red (How to style a long black coat? An outfit proposal of the day)

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Fashion illustration of the day (green dress, blue coat, purple shoes)

I guess it could be said that I got myself hooked on fashion illustrations because I just can't stop making them. Today I'm sharing only one, though. The medium is coloured pencils and markers. I sometimes like to draw the background as well. I feel like it adds something to the fashion illustrations. Giving context to design one could say. I wouldn't mind switching places with this illustrated girl btw, getting to spend some time by seaside would be just lovely. Who knows maybe I will get lucky soon?

Now, a few words about this outfit I illustrated. This girl is wearing a blue coat and a green dress. I always liked the combination of these two colours, and it is actually a pretty common colour combo in my illustrating opus. Another thing I do quite often is pairing green and/or blue with purple (see herehere, here and here if you don't believe me). This girl with a purple hair is wearing a purple mini bag and purple heels paired with purple socks. I did always like that sock and heel trend. Once it gets warmer, I might try to rock it myself. In the meantime, what do you guys think about this fashion illustration of mine?

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Can We Talk About the Backpack Trend? An Outfit Proposal of the Day: Pairing a Backpack With a Leather Jacket.

I liked the backpack trend right from the start, but for some reason I wasn't in a hurry to get a backpack. I'm often that way. I often like to wait for the hype to wind down before I buy something. It is not so much about waiting for a discount, as it is about that precious feeling of doing things in my own time. However, not pursuing trends is probably not a bad strategy if you want to economize on your clothing expenses because it gives you a chance to decide what you really want and prevents you from buying something just because it is in. Not that there is anything wrong with following trends. I sometimes do, and sometimes I don't, for reasons I just explained. 

I honestly do enjoy paying attention to trends, I especially enjoy that feeling of people getting exciting about something or finding they have something in common. Trends are not a bad thing at all, they keep things interesting and they often remind us to shop our closets and wear items of clothing we have totally forgot about. Moreover, I love reading about trends. Nevertheless, as someone who is not prone to impulse buys, I tend to follow those trends that are here to stay.

Can we talk about the backpack trend? Do you own a backpack? If you do, what kind? Do you like to wear backpacks with casual outfits or to you prefer to dress them up? Perhaps you already learned how to make most out of all the ways one can wear  backpack? If you have, please do share. When this whole backpack trend appeared, I knew what kind of backpack I wanted to get, an elegant one, the kind that can be worn both with formal and informal clothing. I didn't have anything fixed in my mind, but I knew that I wanted a backpack that looked like a fancy bag and could be worn as well. 

Can We Talk About the Backpack Trend? An Outfit Proposal of the Day: Pairing a Backpack With a Leather Jacket.

Seeing that I'm a bit lazy with shopping and all, I only bought my ideal backpack around the start of this year. That particular day it started raining out of the blue so my husband and I went in a store to buy two umbrellas. When we decided which umbrellas we want, I noticed this backpack. It was exactly what I had in mind, but was too lazy to look for. Black leather, elegant, with an adorable gold clasp. It even had the red, white and blue series of stripes (like the flag of Croatia, the country I'm from). You all know how much I love stripes, don't you? Long story short, I bought it and since then I'm wearing it all the time.

Now I'm sorry that I haven't jumped on this whole backpack wagon before. Backpacks are so practical! Backpacks leave you with free hands to use anyway you want, they prevent posture problems and make you look trendy instantly. I'm really happy that this backpack trend (that started a few years ago if I remember well) is here to stay. When something is trendy, usually it means that we get to have more options. Naturally I had a backpack or two, before I bought this one but those backpacks were of the practical kind, the ones you take hiking not the kind you can wear for a coffee date with a friend.


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Considering that I have a bad case of scoliosis, I shouldn't wear bags at all, especially not heavy ones. When we wear a bag on one shoulder, we're basically making that shoulder drop. It might not seem like a big thing, but doctors are actually warning women about it. If you like to wear big or heavy bags, make sure you at least rotate the shoulders you wear them on. This way you can prevent potential back problems. Prevention is always important. They say one has to suffer for beauty, but that doesn't always has to be the case. Often we can find comfortable solutions that are just as stylish, if only we give it some thought. I mean looking fashionable, stylish or cute isn't exactly rocket science, especially today when there are so many different styles of bags available. So, be wary of your bag wearing habits.

My back problem is a bit more complex, so it is not like bag choice will play a big role in it. I'm only writing about it to warn those who might have back problems because of it and aren't even aware of it. Many people today lead sedentary lifestyles that result in almost no back muscles, so even habits like wearing a bag on the same shoulder can be potentially problematic. Even people who do work out often focus on developing their abs and never think about how important back muscles are. One PA teacher told me that I wouldn't believe how many bodybuilders have back problems because they focus too much on abs muscles. My point? Back muscles are important!

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Anyway, today I'm sharing with you one of my firsts January outfit. Somehow I didn't manage to share this casual outfit before, perhaps because there were so many other things going on in January but I do love this styling. This was the first time I styled this backpack and this is the outfit I came up with- a very classic pairing of a denim skirt with a vintage leather jacket.  I wore this vintage leather jacket so many times ( for example here, here , here and here) and the reason why I love it so much is probably because I got it from my hubby. He wore it when he way younger. I think you can actually see it on the photographs and sense how much I adore this leather jacket. It makes me feel like a rock star and you have to love an item of clothing that makes you feel like that.  In one of my old outfit posts, I wrote down reasons why is a leather jacket always a good choice, so let's remember them again: 


1. It can be worn with everything. Seriously, with anything! Name one other clothing item that can be worn with sportswear ( for example joggers) and a gown without making you look like a crazy person? I dare you to it. Can you think of anything? I can't. A trench coat comes close, but if you wear a trench coat with your gym clothes you won't look as cool as you would be if you worn them with the leather jacket. Yes, trench coat is very versatile, but nothing is as quite versatile as a leather jacket.

2. It looks fantastic on both genders. It does! It is one sole items that I equally adore to see on both men and women. A good leather jacket is not only timeless, it is unisex. This is good news because you can steal it from your sweetheart. You can share it! How romantic! You can even wear matching ones for Saint Valentine's day.

3. It is the perfect item to get any outfit dressed down. It really is. Like I explained in my first point, wearing a leather jacket makes any outfit more cool and effortless. Pair a leather jacket with a skirt and you automatically have that urban feminine chic down. 

4. From a strictly practical point of view, a leather jacket is great because it blocks wind. It really keeps you protected against the wind (that was its prime function back in the day). It is also a great protection against the sun ( I see some of you thinking WHAT? but when you live in a region when sun can gets quite intense even in Winter, you get it). When a day is hot and sunny yet windy,  it may be all that is standing between you and a cold.

5. You might get confused for a rock star. ( And who doesn't want that?!!!!) I mean does this clothing item has that badass vibe or what? Invoke your inner rebel. Wear it with pride. Rock it. Own it. Leather jacket can be a very powerful clothing item when you wear it with the right attitude.

#moda #modaradosti

#modaodaradosti #kožnajakna #denimskirt #fauxfurlegwarmers

leather jacket: vintage, backpack (not sure about the brand, I bought in Borsa store in Mostar), denim skirt: Amadeus, faux fur leg warmers: nosens, boots: not sure about the brand

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Inspired by @tijanabejita (fashion drawing of the day)

I'm so happy to share this fashion illustration with you today. Finally a new drawing for my Inspired by feature. This fashion illustration was inspired by lovely @tijanabejita, more precisely by this photograph. The medium is coloured pencils on paper. I've started using coloured pencils a bit more in 2016 and right now I use  both them and regular #pencils pretty often. Do you like this fashion drawing? Do you like the outfit? If you want to see more of these kind of illustrations, you can check my 2017 (here) and 2016 (here) Inspired by recap.

After I finished this drawing, I found a lot of old illustrations of Tijana. I guess I've been illustrating her for a while. Sometimes I'm startled by how many art (illustrations, drawings, sketches and paintings) I own. I'm still trying to find a way to organize it all. I took to using folders to store my illustrations but I still have to figure out a way to organize them better. Anyhow, I completed this drawing back in January but I haven't managed to find the time to post it before. Now I wonder who will be in my February Inspired by feature. Do you have any suggestions?

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#modaodaradosti #fashionillustration #art #myart #fashionillustrator

Below you can see a photograph of two illustrations,  Tijana along side with Idu from fashionably Idu. I was really happy to find this illustration of Idu because I thought I lost it during my move, but fortunately it was not so. I'm still missing one illustration of Idu, so I have to keep looking. Drawings are always fun, I think I wrote about it recently, you know in that post where I described how I learned to enjoy drawing more. Art is like any other skill, you have to work on it to get better. All these years of illustrating and I'm still learning new things. 

Inspired by @tijanabejita (fashion drawing  of the day)


Thank you for reading guys! I haven't posted for a few days and the reason is kind of funny- I wasn't happy with any of my (already prepared) posts. I tend to schedule posts in advance and there were quite a few posts I wanted to share, but somehow neither of them felt right so I didn't post anything. Today I remembered I haven't posted this illustration yet so I went with that. I hope you'll like it. Have a lovely day! Have a fantastic Monday!

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Fashion illustration of the day (flared sleeves and heels) / Modna ilustracija dana (široki rukavi i visoke potpetice)

Today I'm back with another fashion illustration. This one was inspired by one of my old outfits. I drew it back it 2017, but I didn't manage to post it before. The medium is watercolour (and pencil) on paper. It features an outfit composed of a denim skirt, a flared sleeved top and heels. I love denim skirts, but this one especially. I have had it for a while now and I still wear it regularly.  How do you like denim skirt? Do you own one? 

Another thing I love is flare sleeves and heels. Nothing like them to add some drama in an outfit. As long as I'm remembering about this outfit, I might also mention this caramel bag. It proved to be a good purchase. It is surprising how caramel seems to go well with everything. I told you (in my last post) that I've been craving red lately. I'm trying to come up with a lovely red outfit so do wish me luck. Thank you for reading and  have a lovely day! 

#denim #denimskirt #heels #oftd

Inspiration behind this illustration here

 #modnailustracija #fashionillustration

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Should we wear dresses during Winter?

Should we wear dresses during the colder months? I think we should, especially if they are an item of clothing that we normally like to wear. Provided that we like to wear dresses, there is so reason why we shouldn't wear them during all seasons. Dresses are one of the most feminine  clothing items and it is shame to give up on them just because temperatures drops below zero. There are actually a lot of ways to wear dresses in Winter. If we are worried about the cold we can always make sure we layer our outfits well. I'm do wear leggings and/or tights with dresses as soon as it gets colder, I was never the one to brave the cold with bare legs in Winter. 

What do you think about wearing dresses in Winter? Do you prefer to wear pants during the colder season? I just realized there is actually a compromise offered by a new trend. Dresses over pants is a fashion trend loved by many. Moreover, this combo is perfect for those ladies who don't want to give up on their favourite pair of jeans or pants. This way you can still wear your favourite dress together with your favourite pants. When it comes to dresses, I actually don't have a preferred style. I often wear dresses and I don't see why a temperature change should make me give up something I enjoy. 

Here I made a selection of dresses for women from brand FashionMia. What kind of dresses do you like to wear during the colder months? What do you like to pair the dresses with? I often pair dresses with boots, I know it is not terribly original thing to do during Winter but if it does the trick, why not? Staying warm is important. Still, if you are trying to create a more elegant look then it is better to opt for a nice pair of pumps. You can always choose thicker thighs if you are worried about getting a cold. 

What kind of dress you should opt for if you are plus size? Well, if you ask me, you should wear whatever you like. Magazines are full of advice on how to dress one's body type and while these kind of tips can be useful, shouldn't we also wear what we like? What is the point of clothes if we can't enjoy them? I do believe that every size is beautiful. I believe we can enjoy fashion not matter what our size is. I don't believe that you can be healthy no matter the size, because obviously if one is size XXXXXXXXXL then one has a health condition, but you can and should love yourself not matter the size or health condition for that matter.  Fortunately nowadays, there is a pretty good selection of plus size clothing available.  If you love clothes and fashion, there is so reason why you shouldn't enjoy clothes and fashion.

Do you have a preferred dress style when it gets colder? What about the material? Do you prefer knitted dress or do you still wear satin and silk? I've never given this matter that much though, but I'm usually pretty practical. A nice over-sized dress paired with boots and leggings is always a comfortable choice. A knitted dress is especially suitable on those extremely cold days. I love knitted dresses, but I think that thinner materials are alright as well as long as we layer them well. Speaking of lighter materials, there is one vintage red dress that I didn't get to wear this year, so I'm making a mental note to style that one at least once. For some reasons, red is the colour that I'm craving right now. Maybe because of the Chinese New Year? I've been wanting to wear something more dramatic in the dress department, but my choices lately have been pretty safe (at least according to my standards). I hope I'll find the time to put together an outfit that will be a bit more fashion forward soon. That would be all for today.  Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day!